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CuePath is an anatomic pathology software system designed primarily for solo pathologists or small private groups that cannot afford to buy a full featured information system. The software utilizes Microsoft SQL Express database which is also provided free of charge and can be downloaded from Microsoft website. Please note that this product does not offer integration with clinical pathology or hospital EMR systems. The LIS consists of single executable file that can be downloaded from this site. Instructions and support are provided from this page; however I cannot provide on-site help. It is highly recommended that you experiment and test the software for at least 6 months before you switch to real life implementation.
If you like the software and you wish to donate please use the button bellow. It will help me maintain the site and the software.

For donation send bitcoin to : 1CR3GAoX97GsFV6eYh9bX6f72z4aKAgCd1 QRCode

CuePath 2.2.4 Released

CuePath 2.2.4 is now out.

  • Better encryption of user passwords
  • Fixed various typos
  • Better error checking and reporting


CuePath will be converted to a universal windows application (UWA) by the end of August after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on Aug-2.

New pending update

I’ve been working on a new ways to improve user password encryption and I’m happy to say that its almost done. It will provide a way to make encryption unique for every single user.

I still have not resolved the issue with diagnostic distribution. As of now the only way is to print out the daily sign outs and mail them. If you have any ideas ..let me hear it.
The software still lacks a separate module for billing. Im still doing research to see if it is needed at all and how it should be implemented.


New Update (CuePath 2.2.3)

In this release there are variety fixes mostly in the Grossing and Histology modules.

Also provided is an additional table that needs to be imported in the database. You will find it in the folder Table Updates as well as 3 simple steps of how to import it.



Fixed an issue displaying accessioned cases under Grossing window.

Billing codes are now displayed next to specimen labels in the diagnosis window for easy access.

Fixed various typographical errors and adjusted few window sizes for better typing.

CuePath Win 10 update

CuePath runs under Win 10 with no issues.

If you have updated to Win 10 you need to restart the SQL server.

Go to Cortana -> type Services – click on desktop application find the SQLEXPRESS server – right mouse click and start.

dont forget to check you LAN IP4 address and forward the port 1433 to it. It seems that the rest of the installation is going to be unchanged unless you let me know about a problem in the forum.