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Wellness Pharmacy operates 14 retail locations within the Vancouver Lower Mainland, along with its mail order pharmacy that serves all of BC and Alberta. We employ more than 80 people and we continue to grow steadily. This growth is attributed to our unwavering dedication to not only meeting, but exceeding the needs of our community. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality patient care, fiscal responsibility, and progressive vision and growth.

We currently provide clinical services to the patient community through a number of health products, services, and programs such as our Pharmacy Home Care program. We offer many services that would be beneficial such as Health Monitoring, Diabetes Management, Customized Compounding, Health Seminars, and monthly Health and Education Clinics that encompass diabetes, heart health, osteoporosis, hearing, sleep, and obesity, among other topics of interest to our customers.

For seniors and other patients that have chronic conditions, we offer CuePath Medication Adherence Tracking. CuePath enables care providers, including family caregivers, to monitor the patient’s medication adherence. CuePath includes a small alarm to remind the patient. When the patient forgets or neglects to take their medications on-time, an SMS alert is sent to care providers. The patient’s medication adherence can be tracked by using CuePath’s free mobile app.

Transfer your prescription and we will include CuePath Medication Tracking for free.

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