Focused on Seniors Health

Partnership to Improve Medication Adherence

CuePath partners with pharmacies that have a strategic interest in seniors’ health, medication compliance and that leverage technology to improve patient outcomes.

Our certified partners dispense patient medications in bubble packs. These CuePath enabled bubble packs allow us to monitor the patient’s medication adherence in real-time. Dispensing with CuePath is quick and easy. It takes only a few seconds to apply the CueSticker to the bubble pack, and another minute to login to the CueRx Portal to associate the bubble pack with the patient.

Partnership Opportunity

Pharmacy partners are essential for dispensing patient medications in bubble packs to enable real-time adherence monitoring. Our Home Care Agency partners in your area will refer their patients to your pharmacy. We pay you to dispense CuePath enabled bubble packs for these patients that receive the Remote Medication Support service. You also gain revenue from the new patients’ prescription orders, medication reviews and other on-going retail purchases.

Benefits of Partnering with CuePath:

  • Customer Acquisition – Acquire new customers through referrals from CuePath Home Care Agency Partners
  • Reduce Delays in Prescription Refills – By improving patient adherence, refills are on-time and patient health is improved.

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Opportunity to Partner

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