April 21, 2020, Vancouver, BC; Wellness Pharmacy Group, with its retail specialty pharmacy brands Naz’s Pharmacy and Wellness Pharmacy, has teamed with CuePath Innovation, a leader in remote medication monitoring. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, they have teamed to provide seniors with remote medication management. This includes prescribed medications dispensed in CuePath-enabled compliance packaging, medication adherence tracking, daily telephone check-ins, and alerts for non-adherence.

Seniors have had their usual home care visits from family and nurses either severely restricted or completely cut-off due to the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Further to this, the stress of social isolation, fear of contracting Coronavirus and disruption to their daily routine increases the risk of medication non-adherence. Prior to COVID-19, poor medication adherence affected 50% of seniors, and was the cause of 25% of hospital admissions among this demographic. COVID-19 now makes a serious problem for our health system much worse. Wellness Pharmacy Group and CuePath are uniquely able to address this health risk by provision of remote medication management. Family caregivers are provided the CuePath mobile app to view the medication adherence of their loved ones that subscribe to the free service.

Zahid Merali, principal at Wellness Pharmacy Group stated, “This is a terribly difficult time for seniors in care homes. While most healthcare organizations are focused on preventing the spread of COVID-19, we are focused on preventing medical complications that result from the disruption of home care, with medication non-adherence being top of the list.”

“Seniors have been suddenly isolated from family, friends and their care workers,” said Victor Lesau, chief executive officer of CuePath Innovation. Lesau continued, “The risk of medication mismanagement is high. Our goal is to provide remote care services that keep seniors safe at home so they don’t end up at a hospital emergency room.”

Wellness Pharmacy Group / CuePath remote care services will be offered at no cost for seniors living in care homes until July 1, 2020. Depending on the BC Health’s assessment of care home safety guidelines in June, the offer may be extended beyond July 1st.

About Wellness Pharmacy Group

Wellness Pharmacy Group is a privately owned, independent business consisting of 11 well-established pharmacies within the Lower Mainland. We have grown from modest foundations into an operation that employs more than 80 people, and we continue to grow steadily. This growth is attributed to our unwavering dedication to not only meeting but exceeding the needs of our community. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality patient care, fiscal responsibility, and progressive vision and growth.


About CuePath Innovation

CuePath Innovation is a healthcare technology company on a mission to help seniors and other vulnerable individuals stay healthy and independent with the support of their care team. With expertise in IoT technologies and remote patient monitoring, CuePath aims to provide pharmacies and home care providers with the data and services needed to improve medication adherence of their patients.


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