CuePath today announced that it upgraded its mobile web app to full Android and iOS apps, distributed through Google Play and the Apple App Store. The CuePath app is available to family members and professional home care providers that care for elderly patients that subscribe to the CuePath medication adherence monitoring service. The apps are offered free of charge.

The CuePath app enables caregivers to view their loved one’s medication adherence. App users can see at a glance the status of their loved one’s medication adherence, for the day, the current week, and previous weeks. App users can also sign up for SMS alerts so they can be notified when their loved one has missed taking their medications.

Google Android versions 5.0 and up are supported. Apple iOS versions 10.0 or later are supported, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Click here for CuePath app on Google Play

For more about the CuePath app, click here.