Improving Quality of Life

mother and daughterBy providing the remote care services that enable seniors to self-manage their medications more effectively, CuePath enables seniors remain at home longer. By preventing medication mismanagement and its related problems, we improve their quality of life. We aim to provide family members with timely information to alleviate the stress associated with caregiving.

Who uses CuePath?

Adults that have:

  • Chronic conditions and take medications daily
  • Complex medication schedules
  • Periods of forgetfulness or that deliberately neglect to take their medication
  • Cognitive impairment; patients with early stage Alzheimer’s or dementia

Unfortunately, most seniors that have trouble with medication management are unwilling to ask for help or are in denial that they need help. This makes medication adherence a difficult problem to resolve. This requires that family members and care providers become advocates for their loved ones and become mindful of this potential problem.

CuePath and our network of Home Care Agency and Pharmacy partners are well equipped to resolve medication non-adherence. We solve the non-adherence problem by:

  • Measuring real-time compliance
  • Delivering timely and compassionate remote care services

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that CuePath will improve patients’ medication adherence within 90 days or we will refund your money.