Medication Compliance Tracking

When CuePath’s medication compliance tracking is integrated into the research protocol of a clinical trial, it demonstrates to a funding organization that there is a scientifically sound method of monitoring the medication compliance of participants. It establishes a layer of rigor in the research methodology. In the case of controlled narcotics, CuePath minimizes the risk of diversion. CuePath provides real-time visibility into what is really happening during a clinical trial.

Designed for oral medications, CuePath employs industry-standard, low-cost blister packaging. CuePath’s smart-senor technology is applied to the blister pack, enabling it to digitally detect the exact date / time that each dose is taken. The trial drugs are dispensed to participants in the smart blister packs.  The data is communicated in real-time to CuePath’s secure data center. Smart blisters also help prevent incorrect dosing during the study.

CuePath operates a Medication-Adherence-as-a-Service platform to manage and analyze patient data. We analyze non-adherent behaviors, including subtle variances in behavior that may indicate a change of health condition. It can deliver a custom data feed to the research organization via an API. The researchers may share medication adherence information with the individual patients about their personal, real-time patterns.

CuePath is a leader in medication adherence solutions:

  • HIPAA compliant solution
  • Patented technology
  • Proven solution in the home health care sector
  • Sliding scale pricing available