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Medication non-compliance is a serious problem for clinical drug trials.

Researchers know that participant self-reporting is highly inaccurate. Many researchers inflate the size of the clinical trial, knowing that a large percentage of participants will be non-compliant. A high degree of study drug discontinuation or non-compliance in a clinical trial increases the risk of failure to detect a true treatment effect, as well as the risk of overestimating drug safety. This problem adds cost to the trial and can distort the research conclusions.

For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Investigators and Contract Research Organizations that manage phase 3 and 4 clinical trials, CuePath provides an automated medication adherence solution that tracks patient compliance in real-time. It enables researchers to accurately monitor the medication adherence patterns of trial participants. Researchers can either disqualify and replace non-compliant participants or intervene and help participants become fully adherent. By monitoring medication compliance, the safety and efficacy of the medication is more accurately studied. By providing accurate visibility into patient compliance, CuePath improves research quality for clinical trials.

CuePath improves research quality by enabling researchers to:

  • Enhance the accuracy and reliability of safety & efficacy analysis
  • Assess the consequences of deviations from the prescribed dosing regimen
  • Reduce the risk of diversion for controlled narcotics
  • Lower the overall study costs by reducing patient sample size
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CuePath provides automated medication compliance tracking.

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