Get Peace of Mind

mother and daughter with groceries

Being a caregiver for a spouse or parent with medical issues can be extremely stressful.  It is reported that 45% of family caregivers feel emotional stress. When it comes to the responsibility of assisting an elderly parent or close family friend with their medications, that can add to the stress. By improving your loved one’s medication adherence and providing additional adherence support services, CuePath brings peace of mind to family caregivers.

Some medication adherence products require that family caregivers load their loved one’s medications into a pill organizer or automated dispenser. This responsibility can add stress. Pharmacists and physicians do not recommend this. They know that errors happen, especially when caregivers are fatigued and under stress.

CuePath eliminates the stress and worry. Your loved one’s medications are dispensed by their pharmacist in bubble packs – the most popular form of compliance packaging.

CuePath ensures that your loved one is provided Medication Adherence Support by one of its Home Care or Home Health Agency Partners. The support is provided virtually. Additional in-home care services can be arranged. This dramatically reduces the stress and worry that family caregivers experience.

Caregivers recognize the benefits of CuePath:

  • Extends your loved ones’ independence
  • Improves medication safety and adherence
  • Enhances your loved ones’ quality of life
  • Extends the time to age in place, safely in their homes