To coincide with Startup Week in Vancouver, the Canada China Innovation & Investment Summit was held on September 20th at VentureLabs. It was organized by China Canada Commercialization Acceleration Network (C2CAN). Panelists, including Victor Lesau from CuePath Innovation, talked about their experiences working, manufacturing and raising capital in China. The Summit was attended by technology industry entrepreneurs, veterans of Vancouver’s tech community and investors.

William Li, President of C2CAN, said, “I applaud what CuePath is doing. Medication adherence is an important problem to solve. It is a global issue and we are happy to support CuePath on its challenging mission.”

“CuePath participated in C2CAN’s business competition in 2017, where we won a cash prize,” stated Victor Lesau, CEO of CuePath Innovation. He continued, “C2CAN has been helpful in connecting us with investors and manufacturing partners, and we appreciate its support as we gain traction in our markets.”