CuePath Innovation Ltd (“CuePath”, or “the Company”) announced today that the Company has signed a Partnership Agreement (“the Agreement”) with Minnesota-based Thrifty White Pharmacy (“Thrifty White”), licensing the use of CuePath’s Pharmacy Activation software. Through this partnership, Thrifty White will dispense medications using CuePath’s smart medication adherence packaging for patients of CuePath’s growing network of Home Care Agency (HCA) and Home Health Agency (HHA) partners.

“Thrifty White Pharmacy has long been recognized as a leader in medication adherence, and the CueCare Plus™ service with its medication adherence monitoring technology is a game changer for patients at-home to support them in taking the right medication and dose at the right time,” said Justin Heiser, PharmD, Executive Vice President, Thrifty White. “We are very excited about partnering with CuePath and Home Health Agencies to help support patients at-home.”

“Thrifty White is a strong pharmacy partner for our CueCare Plus™ contactless Medication Adherence Service. Together we will help improve the health of at-home care patients with complex medication requirements”, said Ken Piaggio, CEO of CuePath Innovation. “To support our growth plans, we are also announcing a Series A preferred share financing round to provide the manufacturing scale-up funding needed to service our growing list of US-based at-home care partners.”

About Thrifty White Pharmacy
Headquartered in Plymouth, MN, Thrifty White Pharmacy is a technology enabled healthcare services company focused on utilizing patient engagement to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care. By leveraging the unique capabilities of pharmacists, combined with focused technology and clinical care plans, Thrifty White Pharmacy creates better patient experiences and improved patient outcomes. The Thrifty White Pharmacy suite of offerings includes proprietary dispensing, clinical, and operations technology. In addition, Thrifty White Pharmacy is licensed in all 50 states and offers retail, alternate care, and URAC and ACHC accredited specialty pharmacy services across a network of 100 owned pharmacy locations and 82 independently owned pharmacies throughout the Midwest. Thrifty White Pharmacy has been recognized by multiple organizations as a leading “Pharmacy Innovator” for the company’s efforts to continually move the practice of pharmacy forward.