QC Modules

Almost done with the QC modules. I will probably release the new build next week.

The new upload will have some database modifications so you need to reattach the new file or export your data from the old database and then just import it back.


Well its hard to believe but it did happen.

The software is now available for download. I will keep updating it and adding features to it.

Please visit the forum if you have problem installing it. I bet you will.

Ideally I would like to hear how bad is sucks so I can spend time making it better.

I would advise you to play around with it until you get used to the features as well as the bugs :-).

Do not jump and start doing real life sign outs.

Help file is on its way as well as some videos.

Currently Im working on personalized templates so you can insert your own logo and template header.



Testing Finished

Software testing in variety of locations is now done. Found couple of bugs which are now fixed.

I just uploaded the installation instruction which I have to test and Im also preparing the database file for distribution.

I am planning to release the software within 1 top 2 weeks from now.

Please feel free to register so you can use the forums for troubleshooting.



CuePath is an anatomic pathology software system designed primarily for solo pathologists or small private groups that cannot afford to buy a full featured information system. The software utilizes Microsoft SQL Express database which is also provided free of charge and can be downloaded from Microsoft website. Please note that this product does not offer integration with clinical pathology or hospital EMR systems. The LIS consists of single executable file that can be downloaded from this site. Instructions and support are provided from this page; however I cannot provide on-site help. It is highly recommended that you experiment and test the software for at least 6 months before you switch to real life implementation.
If you like the software and you wish to donate please use the button bellow. It will help me maintain the site and the software.

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