CannedTXT is a small software that provides a shortcut to a canned text diagnoses for surgical pathology. It comes with many diagnoses already put it, but you can edit each one to your liking. 6th edition of AJCC look ups are available ..update based on the seventh edition is pending. Use with caution.

How to use:

1. Use drop down menu to filter diagnoses.
2. Double click on any canned txt to copy its contents to the clipboard. Use CTRL-V to paste in your pathology LIS.
3. To add/edit a canned text clikc Add/Edit buton 🙂

Let me know in the forum if you have any issues.

New update

Im not sure if I should call this 2.1 release already.. 🙂
Updated the word processor to be closer to Word.
The diagnostic window now supports tabs …
Fixed onSave Access Violation error..
The main diagnostic tab now includes the clinical history..
The update affects only the exe file, the database remains unchanged so just overwrite your CuePath.exe file with the one in this release.

Working on QA report generation.
Statistics to follow.

Hope to hear some feedback in the forums.



Fixed a small issue with physician directory entry form.
Added a new file settings.ini this file contains the following script:


ReportTitle=CuePath Diagnostix
ReportSubTitle= Your name and address here

edit the report title to reflect your company
edit the the subtitle to put your address or contact info.
No space after the = sign
These titles will appear on your Surgical Pathology Report.