CuePath LIS installation instructions

Installing and configuring MSSQL Express:

  1. Download and install MSSQL Express Server
  2. Download and install MSSQL Management Studio
  3. Download both from here.
  4. Download CuePath software and unzip on the desktop.

I. Configuring the server:

  1. SQL Server Configuration (Start—Programs—Microsoft SQL Server—Configuration Tools
    NOTE: in Windows 10 you can find Config tools in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\SQLServerManager<version number>.msc
  2. Expand SQL Server Network Configuration
  3. Select: Protocols for SQLEXPESS
  4. In the right widow right mouse button click on TCP/IP and select enable
  5. Right click on TCP/IP and select Enable
  6. Right click on Name Pipes and select Enable
  7. Right click on TCP/IP again and select Properties
  8. Select IP Addresses Tab
  9. Scroll all the way down where it says: IPAII
    1. TCP Dynamic Ports: enter 0
    2. TCP port: 1433
  10. In the left window select SQL Server Services
  11. In the right window right mouse button click on SQL Server and select Restart

II. Configuring Windows Firewall for remote connections:

  1. Open Windows Firewall Advance settings
  2. Select Inbound rules then go to New Rule and select PORT
  3. Select TCP and then put port Next, Give the rule a name and save
  4. Select New Rule, then Port, Select UDP and then put port 1434, Give a name and save.
  5. Select New Rule, then Custom and then go to Services and then Customize, Select apply to this Service and scroll down to SQL Server, give a name and save.

III. Configure client log in for MSSQL Express.

  1. Open SQL Management Studio – click connect
  2. Right mouse button click on the main node and select properties, then go to security and make sure that SQL server and Windows authentication mode is selected. Click OK.
  3. Go to security and right mouse click, then select New then Login
  4. In the login name box: put CuePath
  5. Select SQL server authentication and type in the password
  6. Uncheck enforce password policy
  7. Goto CuePath folder, then Database, copy the folder CuePath
  8. Goto c:\program files\Microsoft SQL server\mssqlexpress12..\MSSQL\DATA\
  9. Paste the folder CuePath here
  10. Go back to Management Studio
  11. Right click on databases- Attach-click Add-doble click CuePath-select CuePath.mdf
  12. Click OK
  13. Expand Database node-right click on CuePath-Properties-go to Files
  14. Click box next to Owner field
  15. In the new window click Browse
  16. Select CuePath checkbox
  17. Click OK, then OK again
  18. Expand Security node – Right mouse click on CuePath- goto Properties
  19. Select default Database – CuePath
  20. Default language English – click OK
  21. Go to SQL Configuration Manager
  22. Right click on SQL Server – Restart

IV. If the computer that holds the database is on desktop that connect wirelessly you must forward port 1433 to the local IP address.

  1. Start – Run- type cmd
  2. In the window type IpConfig
  3. Look for IPv4 Address and write it down
  4. Open your browser and go to
  5. Log it with your credentials
  6. Go to Application and game (if you use LinkSys wireless router)
  7. Type in external and internal ports 1433 – fill the last 3 digits of the IPv4 address
  8. Click Enabled check box
  9. Click Save

V. Test the connection

  1. In the CuePath folder double click on Connection file
  2. In provider tab select: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL
  3. Under connection- Select Server Name: you can type localhost or the computer IP (to find your IP go to Google and type” what is my ip”
  4. Select specific username and password
  5. For Username type CuePath
  6. For password type the password that you used in IV-5 above
  7. Click Test Connection
  8. If you get Connection successful you are all set proceed with config.ini bellow

VI. Configuring CuePath config.ini file.

  1. Open Config.ini file in NotePad and fill in the blacks
[DataBase] UserName=CuePath


For the password use the password in step IV-5

If you are planning to have the software and the database on the same comuter that you will carry around for IP type localhost. In this cases you don’t need internet connection to use the software. If you are planning to carry the software with you and connect to your desktop computer that holds the database type the IP of that computer.

Double click on the CuePath exe and login with user name Admin and Password Admin.

Go to users and create a new user with admin privileges and delete the generic one.