CuePath Information System provides the following features:

  1. Its FREE of charge
  2. No installation is needed. The file can run from your USB drive and connect to a remote database.
  3. The Microsoft SQL Express Database is also free of charge.
  4. Personalized loggin with case queue
  5. Personalized canned textual diagnoses as well as straight text
  6. Personalized canned texts for gross description.
  7. Ordering and tracking blocks
  8. Processing status for blocks, immunohistochemical and special stains
  9. Synoptic reports stored in database and hard copies in PDF format.
  10. Separate immunohistochemical and special stains tables that can be used to instantly and and update new stains.
  11. Patient accessioning with duplicate patient identities check


The software runs on Windows based machines and its tested from on XP, Win7, Win8.0 and Win8.1. While Macintosh is not supported the software can run under virtual machine.
At this moment the source code will not be released.